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William K. Lundy

President and Managing Director

William K. Lundy, President and Managing Director of Capital Management Internationale began his Investment Banking career in the mid 1980’s with Cruttenden Roth. While there, Bill specialized in bringing venture capital to emerging growth companies. Mr. Lundy was responsible for the development of structured financings for companies including private placements, strategic partners and IPO’s. Bill also worked in an Investment Advisement capacity with corporate pensions and high net worth individuals. From there Mr. Lundy moved to Shearson Lehman Hutton practicing institutional money management. In 1992 Bill Incorporated Capital Management Internationale as a full service Investment Advisement company providing corporate financial services to both public and private companies through private placements, strategic alliances, mergers and IPO’s

Bill graduated from Auburn University in 1979 and heads up the Auburn Alumni group in Orange County California. After working for General Electric in Houston Texas Mr. Lundy attended law school at South Texas College of Law from 83-86.