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Philosophy & Confidentiality


Capital Management Internationale is committed to understanding the objectives of a client and ensuring that the solution is the most appropriate for a particular clients’ situation. CMI's SUCCESS IS A RESULT OF AN EMPHASIS ON SERVICE. Service is the cornerstone of Capital Management Internationale’s business. Transaction design is intended to benefit clients over the long term. CMI is aware that a company needs to develop a long term relationship with strategic financial partners.  This is critical to a company's success whether public or private.


Capital Management Internationale understands that confidentiality is crucial where financing is concerned. As a result, CMI is extremely careful and judicious in the manner in which they handle information. Capital Management Internationale has long term relationships with select institutions and clients can be confident that the information shared will be handled with the utmost care. The objective is to provide needed financing for a client company in the most efficient manner in order to meet working capital and/or acquisition objectives. During this process it is important to the principals of CMI that client companies have peace of mind that the information shared will be closely guarded.