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Public & Private Companies


Private Placements for public companies give management access to financing for both organic growth and growth by acquisitions. Capital Management Internationale offers multiple structures to suit the differing needs of many client companies. CMI has assisted in the financing of over 230 Million dollars in transactions for public companies.

Capital Management Internationale can act as both agent and principal and works with institutional funds whose specific investment objectives are thoroughly understood. As a result, your company can quickly be matched with the appropriate funds, eliminating the need for time-consuming road shows to obtain financing. For many public companies, public secondary offerings or bank debt are a viable means of obtaining needed funds. However, private financing can offer distinct advantages for growing companies that need capital when time is of the essence.

Less Expense

In most cases private financing is less expensive than a public secondary offering. Secondary offerings have significant hard costs, such as monthly retainers, travel expenses, attorneys' fees, commissions, accounting fees, as well as the loss of key executives for weeks at a time. When Capital Management Internationale arranges a private transaction the company pays no upfront fees or commissions. CMI is paid at the close of the transaction. The service provided is the arrangement of the financing, providing guidance as well as other assistance to enhance the company's performance.

Capital Management Internationale believes that the interests of a company are best served by allowing management to make business decisions knowing that they have a strong financial strategic partner in place. When management is confident that financing is not an issue they can operate in a manner to best serve the company. CMI will handle all aspects of the financing allowing the company to focus its time and effort running the business rather than attending road shows, broker lunches, and analyst meetings. Once the company's requirements and preferences are determined, CMI will identify a fund best suited to the company, begin negotiations, and provide documentation and support for a transaction.

Capital Management Internationale will procure the financing needed on the terms specified understanding that time oftne can be of the essence. Some opportunities my be fleeting and a quick turn around may mean the difference in taking advantage of an attractive situation.


Funding for early stage private companies is crucial to survival and growth. Capital Management Internationale has relationships with both high net worth individuals and institutions that have an affinity for early stage investments. A company should have at least 3 million dollars in revenue and be close to break even to attract the investment partners of CMI. These investments are generally done in stages so as to allow for growth and to avoid giving away too much of the company.

Once a private company has significant revenue and traction Capital Management Internationale can assist in a public offering through either a traditional IPO or a reverse merge. Also significant to a private company are the relationships CMI has built over the years. IR/PR companies, entrepreneurial banks, and other client companies who may offer a synergistic strategic alliance with a company are a few examples of the benefits that Capital Management Internationale's relationships foster.